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What suburbs do you service?
Most of Brisbane Metro and CBD and Gold Coast suburbs.
I am at work most days - do you assemble after hours?
Yes we are available for after hour assembly, we also allocate time for weekend bookings. No trouble though during normal working hours if you are at work. As long as we can arrange access we can do the installation while you are at work and you can come home to a completed job
I have bought an item today. Can you assemble today?
We always will aspire to achieve a high level of service, subject to bookings it may be a possibility that if you rung us in the morning we may be able to squeeze that urgent job into our afternoon schedule but realistically good service and assembly takes planning and our aim is to have assembly completed within two days of an inquiry/quotation/commitment.
I am excited about my new furniture arriving should I open and unpack the packages and take all the items out of the box before you arrive?
We enjoy the smiles we receive from our customers and the excitement about the new furniture and to achieve the goal, the assembly process needs to be planned and methodical. As much as we know part of the enjoyment is unwrapping the present its best you do not open or take any items out of the box. We don't want that little important part to go missing or for the assembly to take longer.
I have tried to do an assembly and, well, but, hey, it didn't go well.There are bits all over the floor and the job is not complete. Can you help?
No problems - we can pick up where you have left off or if necessary undo what you have assembled and start again from scratch. Hopefully no damage to the product has been incurred and all the parts are still easy to identify. All you will need to do is Book A Build or send us an email or phone us and then just relax we will ensure a successful outcome.
My requirements are small I only have a small item for assembly are you interested?
Small, big or medium we are indifferent to the size. Can Do Assembly provides the services you require whether its big or small. We want to see you have a trouble free assembly disregarding the size of the item.
Do you make alterations to existing furniture items?
A rule of thumb is that a product is designed that once assembled alterations should not be required. We are always happy to assist where we can and investigate opportunities on a case by case situation.
Do you need a lot of space when doing the assembly?
Dependent on the size of the item or items that we are assembling.  All of our pricing and/or quotations are based on clear floor unrestricted access situations.
Am I required to supply tools?
No, you are paying for a full assembly service, we have all the tools required to handle your assembly situation.
What happens if parts are missing?
Lets hope that situation never occurs, however if it does we would need to address at the time.  If it was a simple little piece like a screw or a dowl we would be able to continue assembly from our own small parts carried with us, however if its a critical part we would work quickly and actively with you and assist contacting the supplier and make arrangements for the delivery or collection of the part and if unable to complete the assembly due to the missing part we will ensure we make ourselves available to complete the assembly as soon as the missing part arrives.
Will you take away the packaging?

Yes we will remove all the packaging and either dispose of in recycling and/or rubbish disposal accordingly. This obviously would incur a cost that we would need to recover and will charge you accordingly. If you do not wish to incur the additional charges we will fold packaging and neatly leave stacked in a position close to the install position.

Do you remove our old furniture?
Yes. If the new furniture we are assembling is replacing some of your older household furniture items and you would like us to take care of removal and disposal, that can be arranged. We would need to discuss and price this service accordingly.
Do you charge extra for evening or weekend assembly?
For all domestic and home furniture assembly we charge the same flat rate as we would for normal hour assembly. Exceptions to the rule are when commercial office fitouts are required to be carried out during extended night time hours.
I can't see an answer to my own special question
No problems - email your inquiry or if you need an urgent answer just phone