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Can Do Assembly takes your privacy seriously and respects the privacy of any information you provide on this website. Can Do Assembly will not rent, sell, share or give personal information about you to other people. However, Can Do Assembly may release your data if this is required by a legal process or to establish or exercise our legal rights. If Can Do Assembly discovers fraudulent use of any credit card and/or personal information, that  information, that has been supplied, may/will be supplied to Australian Police and may/will be used in any consequent fraud investigation.


Can Do Assembly reserves the right to amend the specifications of any product featured on this site at any time disregarding the fact that any bookings may have been already made and/or confirmed at the time of that specification amendment.  All specifications as shown are that as is believed to be correct at the time when loaded onto this site and you accept that Can Do Assembly cannot be held responsible for any incorrect specifications that may be shown. 


At all times Can Do Assembly will ensure that all product/products are assembled as per instructions as supplied by the manufacturers that are included with the products so as to ensure that you the customer are always protected by correct assembly if there may come a time when you require to claim under warranty for a product. You accept that Can Do Assembly cannot be held responsible for any incorrect specifications and or assembly instructions that are provided by a manufacturer that may be be claimed by a manufacturer to be the basis of the a warranty claim.


Can Do Assembly will always endeavour to respond/comfirm build bookings promptly and you accept that there may be times when due to conditions outside the control of Can Do Assembly that even if a booking time has been confirmed it may need to be changed and you accept that Can Do Assembly will not be held responsible for any cost or consideration that may be caused by issues/conditions that develop outside of Can Do Assembly's control.

You the customer accept that you will make yourself and/or an authorised person and the installation premises readily available during normal business hours and/or the outside working hours that have been confirmed in a booking so as to ensure a smooth assembly and installation.  Delays that may be caused as a result of improper entry availability and/or address details that incur Can Do Assembly additional costs may/will be charged to you accordingly.  Additionally you acknowledge that you or an authorised person will inspect assembly/installation when complete and signing as all completed in an acceptable good condition. You also accept that if nor you and/or your authorised person is not made available on completion of the assembly/installation and the completed assembly/installation is not signed off that Can Do Assembly cannot be held responsible for any defects and/or product damage and/or install site location/building damage that may be discovered at time of a later inspection.


All prices are shown in Australian dollars and do not include GST. GST is an additional cost over and above the prices shown and must be paid in the total payment due. The amount you will pay will be based on the current prices as confirmed in you booking confirmation and would be subject to increase only if problems/issues occurred as detailed in BUILD BOOKINGS above.

All installation pricing is based on the installation team being able to have easy building/site access with the ability of reasonable parking. If site access is and/or parking may be limiting and thoses limits cause extra time and or costs over and above that budget at the time of an installation quotation the additional cost incurred will be additional to the quoted price and is payable by the customer irrelevant of the fact that these limitations are caused by the customer or some other party.


All services supplied by Can Do Assembly are provided in good faith of prompt payment.
Can Do Assembly only accepts Visa or MasterCard credit card payments and/or direct credit EFT payment into Can Do Assembly's bank account.  No cheque payments and/or other forms of payment are accepted.

You accept that on Build Booking placement you have accepted that payment must be made immediately by credit card or within seven (7) days if payment is being made by way of direct credit (EFT) and this extended credit has been approved by Can Do Assembly. You accept that if payment is not made within our payment terms then you are liable for additional costs to Can Do Assembly as per (a)(b)(c) as listed below.

All orders where payments are made by credit card will be accepted on the condition that the credit card used is being used by the legitimate owner of that credit card. If Can Do Assembly discovers fraudulent use of any credit card, Australian Police involvement and fraud investigation will be enforced with recovery of all costs for the supply of services provided and/or all costs with regard to legal and interest and any other costs associated with the recovery of these costs will be sought by due process from the person who placed the order of the original assembly/install service.

(a) the contracting party shall pay interest on all amounts outstanding at a rate which is 5% above the rate charged over the relevant period by Can Do Assembly's bankers on primary level overdraft advances to Can Do Assembly; and
(b) Can Do Assembly shall be entitled to sue forthwith for the recovery of all outstanding monies and interest thereon; and
(c) any costs incurred by Can Do Assembly in connection with recovery action taken in respect of outstanding money interest and other charges shall be payable by the contracting party on demand.
Can Do assembly reserves the right to ask for an advanced payment/deposit to be made by all/or any new customer and/or returning customer that has been allowed extended credit terms and/or where the order is of a substantial dollar value. The dollar value of the deposit is as determined solely by Can Do Assembly and is non negotiable.


Any refunds are at the discretion of Can Do Assembly and will only be made if Can Do Assembly is unable to remedy a situation and is accepted by Can Do Assembly as a genuine and approved claim. These refunds will be made by direct credit into the verified bank account of the claimant. You accept that no refunds will be made for any freight and/or any other costs, be they interest or legal or any other costs that may have been incurred by the claimant in the process of achieving their refund claim.